Digital SLR Camera Review – Choosing Between SLR Cameras Or Compact Digital Cameras

When purchasing a digital camera, it is often a tough decision to choose between a SLR digital camera and a compact digital camera. With this digital SLR camera review, we will cover the most important aspects in the decision making process.

SLR Cameras are your best choice among digital cameras if you want to do more than take family vacation, holiday, and birthday pictures. Despite the fact that many point-and-shoot compact digitals have increasingly higher megapixels, the SLR is the choice for serious photographers and photography hobbyists. This digital SLR camera review will cover the importance of purchasing a SLR camera if you are serious about your photography.

The most obvious reason for choosing a SLR camera is that you have the capacity to produce photography that is much more artistic. With SLR cameras, you have manual options that you don’t have with point-and-shoot cameras and this is what makes the biggest difference in how you can use your SLR camera artistically.

When trying to get that perfect shot, your camera must be ready in an instant. SLR cameras have instant start up and minimal shutter lag. Most point-and-shoot compacts have a 2 to 3 second shutter lag which means you are going to miss that shot. The shutter lag in SLR cameras is a fraction of a second so you get the shot you want.

Another plus in SLR cameras in that they can take interchangeable lenses. This is very important for those nature and sports photos when you often can’t get close to your subject. With a SLR camera, you can change to a zoom lens and get those close-ups. Great battery life, large image sensor, fast continuous shooting, and the ability to store RAW images are other pluses of SLR cameras.

Some of the not so good qualities I would like to point out in this SLR digital camera review is that these cameras are large. So, if you want to be able to fit them in your purse or bag, they’re not going to fit – not so good on vacations. They are also much heavier than subcompact digital cameras and compact digital cameras weighing in at about ½ pound and of course, they are more expensive.

In this digital SLR camera review, we covered manual options, interchangeable lens, shutter lag time, and size. These are all factors that you need to take into consideration when making a decision as to purchase a SLR digital camera as opposed to a compact digital cameras.