The All New Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress is an interesting game for players who want some strategy and adventure mixed in their games instead of only slaying and killing enemies. The Team Fortress 2 like its predecessors is focused around two opposing teams competing for a common objective. These two teams are meant to represent one demolition and the other construction company.

The two teams of Team Fortress 2 are Builders League United (BLU) and Reliable Excavation and Demolition (RED). Players have the choice to play as one of the nine classes of the team and each would have their own unique strengths and weaknesses. The abilities of number of classes in the new Team Fortress 2 have already changed from earlier Team Fortress incarnations, but the basic elements of each class have remained the same.

When a player joins the new Team Fortress 2 an introductory video would guide them how to accomplish the mission and get its objective fulfilled. Players limit are 24 in PC and in some other servers and platforms the player levels have been increased to 32 and 16 only in Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This is the first of Valve’s multiplayer game to provide you detailed statistics for individual players. Persistent statistics in Team Fortress 2 also features the method to tell players how to improve relations to these statistics. Besides that the Team Fortress 2 features various achievements to carry out certain tasks like competing in certain time, scoring certain number of kills.

The main objective for both the team to is to obtain a briefcase of intelligence from the enemy’s team base and return to own base while preventing the other team from doing the same thing. The interesting phase of the game is after the brief case is obtained. A lot of strategy and action is required to save the brief case from opposing party.