Three not so common reasons people love keeping phones with them 24/7

You must have heard about the benefits of having a mobile phone and there are no doubts about that, if we have a mobile phone, we are connected to the world. But the fact is that, besides knowing the apparent reasons for having a mobile phone with us, we are unaware of the many different reasons that lead us to keep the mobile phones with us.

Now you must be thinking what else could be the reason as we know we need them to make calls, we can share things online, we are connected to the internet all day long to stay informed about our family and keep them informed about ourselves, so what else is there?

There are many uncommon and hidden purposes that we are fulfilling by having a mobile phone with us 24/7.

Whether it be an iPhone or one of the latest Samsung phones we can surely fulfill some of the unknown desires of ours that we may also not be aware of consciously. But unconsciously we are catering to those unknown desires very efficiently.

So what these uncommon, unknown and hidden causes of keeping a mobile phone with you are, let’s have a look below:

We need a friend that is always there for us, to help us, to cater to our social needs, you make sure we are updated all the time and provide things that we need and that need is fulfilled in the form of a mobile phone. When it is out of charge we feel like we are out of charge and we have nothing to do with this life. Though it is dangerous, we should not be too much dependent on these things, but it’s a truth.

We need to have a security partner and we use them for tracing our friends, for our family for our kids and others use it to trace where we are.

We need continuous support and sometimes we are fulfilling our introvert behavior by keeping ourselves busy with the mobile phone.

These three are the personal cause but are surely shared by most of us no matter what our age is, from where we belong and how we work in our lives.