Things you may find different in smartphones with iPhone and Android

Sometimes it may confuse users as what happens if they are buying an iPhone and why they should be buying an expensive iPhone why they should not opt for an android phone which is more or less similar when it comes to the usability of the phone.

Mostly the android phones, tabs, and iPad have many different features but most common and noticeable features that you can easily spot as a difference are:

Smartphones are no doubt a smarter version of the phone in all terms but how they help in getting the functions served in a much smarter way.

There are differences in iPhones and androids and we can surely spot the differences in the following things offered by these phones:

iPhone offers fewer customization options of the home screen as compared to the android. Whereas in android you can get a lot of options using which you can truly customize your home screen as per your needs. This enables the android users to feel free in selecting their screen display options as compared to the iPhones.

The apps that are available for iPhone function much better as compared to the same having the version for the androids as well.  This help iPhone user to enjoy better efficiency.

In contrast to this android users may find it easier to find free apps more often as compared to the iPhone users.

But with the more option of having paid apps for iPhone users, they also have an advantage of having lesser ads in the apps downloaded as the paid version of the apps. This is a big problem in the free version when they come loaded with lots of ads.

Despite these differences, most of the people who are using androids and others who are the fan of iPhones keep on using them because of the many advantages they seem to enjoy in their phones.