The Progression of Quake III Arena

Quake III became the pinnacle of multi-player online action and was released back in late December 1999 and is still going well nearly 10 years on. It was developed by the American computer game developer giants ID Software and became the game to have across the world.

The idea of Quake III is a first person shooter game that plays host too many different modifications and game types. The main game types for Quake III are Frag For All, Duels, Team Death Match, Clan Arena, Rocket Arena and Capture The Flag.

Upon its release Frag For All was the main game type played which was where people on a server would battle against each other to get the highest score, by collecting weapons and fragging any other player. This soon started to fade and as more and more people became interested in the game they found the potential in team play aspects such as Team Death Match, which started to collect a lot of interest in 2000.

TDM has always been a popular game type and during Quake III’s peak in 2001-2002 a variety of different leagues were being run from Jolt, Clanbase, Savage and Barrysworld to name but a few. Clans were soon formed and practice sessions were held to improve each clans team work and communication over such pieces of software as roger wilco and teamspeak, and with broadband technology increasing its power throughout the UK the playing field became a lot more level as every players pings equalled out.

The Quake III population has slowly decreased through other games being released but the hardcore players are still devoted to it. However as interest started to fade from the game leagues such as Barrysworld started to fold and modifications such as Rocket Arena soon became a thing of the past.

Today the main game type played is Capture The Flag, where team work and communication need to be on the ball.