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Business Credit Cards are issued by major corporations to their executives for compensating the expenses incurred on behalf of their business. The chief reason for issuing these Business Credit Cards to their executives is to avoid botheration of maintaining the accounts for themselves which, at times, might escape their notice. The Accountant of a particular corporation where the executive is working can keep track of expenses of the concerned person. As and when the executive requires reimbursements, it would be easy for the Accounts Department to sanction fresh amount, after squaring up the expenses incurred during that month.

The expenditure account of each executive of a corporation, on a monthly basis, is to be submitted to the Accounts Department of the concerned Corporation and in this connection, credit companies like to offer these services on a quid pro quo basis. To prevent misuse of the funds sanctioned for business purposes, it is necessary to keep a tab on the executive spending by which process; the Accountant can ensure fool-proof spending on the assigned projects.

The business executives yearn for business credit cards which go with incentives like freebies, travel rewards for frequent fliers, discount offers in hotel bookings etc. All these incentives are extended to their staff by the respective corporation for the excellent returns received by the Corporation, apart from keeping the executives in high spirits.

The executive who spends the least on his card, scores certain points which can either be converted in cash or kind. Payment of bills are paid by the respective corporation in certain cases while some other Corporations sanctions cash allowance to meet the expenses incurred by the respective executive in the course of his business, on behalf of the corporation. In addition to this, possessing a business credit card is a social status to the concerned executive.