The Best Messenger App for Events and Conferences

Event and conference organizers have so much to like about the new messaging app by a Dublin-based development firm. Hedzup Messenger (not spelled Headsup Messenger) works in a similar way like Whatsapp group messaging. It allows a user to create groups that they can send message dispatches to. However, unlike Whatsapp and other popular two-way group messaging apps, Hedzup is a one-way messenger. This in essence makes it the best messenger app for organizations that want to keep the communication tidy while at the same time enjoying the efficiency of a group messenger app.
If you are thinking of holding an event or conference and wondering what part Hedzup fits in, here are a few scenarios where Hedzup would cone in very handy:
1. Sending invitations
Just like it happens with Facebook events, you can create an event in Hedzup and invite attendees to follow the group in order to keep updated with information about the group. You can choose to make the event open or closed and only accessible to invited members. With Hedzup Messenger, you can send reminders about the event that will be delivered directly into the event follower’s phones via push notifications.
2. Ushering and Parking Messages
Instead of letting your guests shuffle around trying to find seats or empty parking spaces, inform them of the available spaces using Hedzup. Simply download the app from the appstore of your choice (the app is available across all mobile phone platforms). Register the name of your conference or event and create a group for ushers. You can choose to leave the group open if it is an open event or invite the guests you would like to attend the event to join the groups. Ushers will use the group to send information on available spaces to the guests.
3. Networking among event attendees
Many people attend seminars and other professional events because of the networking opportunities that they accord. In eras gone by, business cards would be exchanged among attendees. However, with the entry of Hedzup Messenger, things can be made a little easier. While at the seminar, attendees of similar interests can register groups that reflect their interests in Hedzup. Attendees can then use these groups to keep in touch and organize similar events.
There is much more that you can achieve using Hedzup Messenger. Only your imagination may limit you. If you have not yet done so, go ahead and download Hedzup Messenger (not spelled Headsup Messenger ). It is available across all mobile phone platforms and there is a browser version available if you are on a computer. Additionally, the app is backed up a team of dedicated programmers who are always adding new features to make the app the best messenger app for organizations.