New Unreal Tournament 3

Unreal Tournament 3 is the newest addition in the highly popular and top selling Unreal game franchise and the latest installment of the Unreal series following Unreal Tournament 2004, which is still considered to be the best game in the series by many die-hard players. The game, which was created by Epic Games includes a first-person shooter and an on-line multi player video game with several game modes such as death match, Team death match, Capture the Flag (CTF), Duel – this is a one versus one game type using a queuing system in which the loser goes back to the end of the queue and Vehicle Capture the Flag.

There are also new modes that have never been included in the previous versions of Unreal Tournament. These are the Invasion mode, Mutant mode, Onslaught mode, Bombing Run mode, Last Man Standing mode, Domination mode, Double Domination mode and Assault mode. There is an additional off-line single player campaign as well that comes with an in-depth storyline and an innovative game play system in which the player advances from the simple tournament ladder up to vital concepts like team members and personalities, which should keep fans of the series occupied for quite some time and new players impressed enough to keep their attention on the game.