High Tech Bathrooms – Seeing is Believing

A bathroom is no longer just a place to wash up. It’s also a place to watch television, get caught up on work, sing in the shower, get a relaxing water jet massage, and meditate. It’s like the bathroom has become a multifunctional space that seeks to cater for a huge range of our lifestyle needs. Here are just a few ways modern technology is transforming our bathrooms.

High-tech toilets. Picture a toilet that cleans itself, automatically flushes and deodorizes, checks your blood pressure, and has heated seats. Toilets with all of these features and more can be found on the market.

Ultra-luxury showers. Today’s high-tech showers include aromatherapy jets, steam jets, waterproof surround-sound speakers, and more.

Not your typical vanity mirror. Vanity mirrors can just show you your face-or they can also show you the news, sports scores, the weather, and even stock updates.

Regulated temperatures. A digital home monitoring system can be set to regulate the room temperature, floor temperature, and even water temperature in your bathroom.
Supercharged toothbrush holders. You can buy a toothbrush holder that fries germs automatically under a beam of ultraviolet light.

Smart medicine cabinets. Scientists are developing a medicine cabinet that knows when your prescriptions are running low-and tells you when to buy more.

While many of the most cutting-edge bathroom technologies are out of the typical consumer’s price range, it’s not unlikely that today’s rare, expensive technological wonders will be commonplace in most bathrooms in the next century.

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