Geeks and Gadgets

As far as technology goes, we are inventing new machines and gadgets constantly. With the advent of globalisation, companies, businesses, industries, manufacturers are no longer producing products only to a local or at the most, national market. No, they are forging ahead into the global market into spreading sales across several different cities, nations and continents. With that kind of a market, the incoming revenues are gargantuan. However, as consumers and therefore profits have increased in a global selection, so have the stakes increased. Competition between leading edge companies in technology leads to the launch of new, better products that serve to showcase the involved company’s ability to serve up reliable, long lasting cutting edge technology.

Sometimes this can turn into a rat race of the worst sort, with companies unnecessarily promoting and creating excruciatingly stupid gizmos only to increase sales for short stints. However this tactic does soon grow old and the company name and brand would be severely damaged in the eyes of the public. Specialised magazines, experts in the field, even news channels regular report on the success, failures and features of these snazzy little machines, thereby spawning yet another field in its wake. Like tasters, food critics and gourmets, the equivalents exist in the I.T. field as well those companies producing social media products such as the music I pod by Apple. By now while the original products were all the rage with their regular and potential consumers almost every teenager that could afford to as well as several who couldn’t wanted an I phone or an iPad.

An iPad is the bridge between smart phones and laptops. It has a touch sensitive screen, works with several applications, and has a number of features for all tech enthusiasts. While the mother company Apple promotes it as revolutionary product, consumers and critics who were eagerly awaiting the release of the iPad, iPad accessories, the iPad case and basically all things iPad do not find it so. It does have a Multi Touch Screen which LED lit and almost ten inches large – something that’s great for movie watching and any other visuals in general.

What I thought was definitely revolutionary is how they’ve got magazines, newspapers and TV serials playing to regular subscriptions, and these are at cheaper subscriptions when you use them on this tablet PC as iPad accessories than getting hard copies or watching them on TV. This also provides these media networks and publishing houses a chance to charge their internet viewers, albeit at a subsidized rate, and what is so commendable is that it cuts down on the hard copies of newspapers and magazines. Less usage of paper is naturally contributing to some serious environmental friendliness and all round conservation of our resources. Before its release, there was a lot of excitement awaiting its arrival on the market.

However there was a lot of disappointment from users even right from the convention when the CEO of Apple introduced the product. A lot of iPad applications have service fees and need to be bought, additionally most of the accessories also need to be bought, including the iPad case! Not a lot of people are keen on making so many different purchases along with the cost of the iPad itself. And while there is a vast amount of applications to use, the icons appear in the middle of screen and require a lot of maneuvering around. Pair this with paid usage and the desirability clearly takes a hit.