Geek Watches – Making You Proud to be a Geek

If you haven’t noticed already, our popular culture today is one that does not only accept nerds (who were formerly the target of eggs) but actually honors them. TV shows like CSI and movie hits like the Matrix and Napoleon Dynamite have kicked the prom kings and queens off the limelight, and in their place: the so-called class dorks. If you’re a geek, then this is definitely your time to shine. You can start by purchasing a cool geek wristwatch.

Why buy a geek wristwatch

Even though geeks are in right now, this doesn’t mean that all geeks make the cut. Just because you re-programmed your PSP to make it include an MP3 player doesn’t mean you’ll have ladies lining up for you. To be a cool geek, you still need to have some style and appeal (think James Bond or Neo). When we say style, that doesn’t mean you have to go and get some bling-bling just like any other yuppie or jock. You need to get something that expresses who you are. And what accessory can say ‘geek’ better than a wristwatch with 1GB storage and a USB?

Release you inner geek

With so many cool time pieces out there, you won’t have any trouble finding the best geek wristwatch for you. The range of time gadgets is so wide that it will fulfill any nerd fantasies. There are watches with GPS navigation, a watch with a tape measure attached, a watch with a universal control built in, a high frequency watch that tells time through an equalizer and so many more.

By getting one of these incredible models, you might just end up with a date this Friday night-one that isn’t in cyberspace, that is.