Geek Watches – Go Go Gadget!

If you are a self-proclaimed geek, if just about all of your interests make other people confused or puzzled, you are used to being a little out of step with the rest of the world, so why should your timepiece be any different?  If you are someone who loves things a little out of the ordinary, you’ll find that geek watches are a great way to express your unique style.  Geek and nerd watches can run the gamut from digital watches to electronic watches to watches that are based on your favorite movie, so make sure that you get the one that suits you best.

When you are thinking about watches and choosing the right ones for you, you will find that taking a look at the ones that people have worn throughout history will help you out a great deal.  Watches first appeared during the Renaissance, just about four hundred years ago.  They evolved from clocks that had shown up more than 200 years before that, and at the time, their movements were based on gears and cogs, that could be run through the winding of a spring.  In 1962, however, the first quartz watches, which ran off of electricity from a small battery were created and gave us the beginnings of the digital watch we love today.

When you are thinking about geek watches and how to really express your geekery, think about your favorite media and what watches have caught your eye.  For instance, check out the 1000100101 (yes, that’s what it’s actually called!), which has an brushed metal face and looks like something out of a science fiction pulp.  You can light it up with rows of bright LEDs that will tell you the day of the week and the time.

Another great geek watch that you might want to take a look at is the Tibida, which will appeal to the nostalgic computer engineers out there.  You will find that you display your time in an hour-centric mode, a minute-centric mode, or a binary-centric mode!  Besides this appeal to your basic geek, it is a very attractive watch with a great stainless steel case, and it is available in red, blue orange, or of course basic black.  The LEDs that light this watch up are good and bright and it is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Perhaps your basic interests lead more to the movies or to the high tech over the nostalgic, and this is where a watch like the Mr. Gadget 1 GB USB 2.0 Executive Watch comes in.  If you like the idea of being able to carry information on your watch and being able to hook up to your computer at all times, this is the timepiece for you!

Good geek watches have a real cult following and you’ll love the feeling of having your watch recognized by someone who shares an interest, especially if they have one just like yours! If you’re a geek and you don’t care who knows it, why not find a timepiece that shows your character unique character with pride!