Five of the best locations to install a surveillance camera for better home security

Home security is the first priority when it comes to getting everything managed at home and staying risk-free all the time. All homes need to have a closer eye when it comes to installing a security camera in a home that has many entrances or possible gateways. In that case, you may need to map the whole house yourself and find the various locations from where the burglars can break-in.

The most common ways that burglars use to get in a house include the front wall, the back gate, the street-side windows, and basement stairs. All these locations have to be marked for better placement of the surveillance camera.

The fact is that, despite these are the best locations to place the security camera, still, the security can fail if you do not hide the camera properly or install it correctly.

The best thing is that you need to install the camera in a hidden place but it should be focused on the gate or any sort of entrance spot that you need to target.

It is better to hide the camera in a light or at the first-floor level so that burglars may not tamper with the security system.

It is also important to see that if you can hide the wires as well because if the wires are seen easily it can be cut-off and you may miss out the recording needed to catch up with the burglar.

Place the camera in the following places:

Top of the terrace on the front gate
Behind the garage lights
Into the corners of basement stairs case
Within a corner of the roof
Fitted in the light