Digital TV On A Computer – Hardware For Novices

For some, there’s nothing more truly satisfying than tinkering with your gadgets successfully. When someone hacks into his PSP the first time so he doesn’t have to carry all those game discs around, and does so successfully, he gets this wonderful feeling of finally being somewhat of a geek. For those of you who wanted to tinker with your PC to watch some TV on it, then the hardware approach would be the one to make you feel like a geek. Here are some pieces of hardware that allow you to have digital TV on a computer, and are newbie-friendly.
Pinnacle PCTV HD Card
Pinnacle usually breaks the trend when it comes to TV tuner costs. Most tuners cost over a hundred dollars, but Pinnacle tuners tend to cost under around eighty. Just like any PCTV card, you can connect your home cable line to the hardware. You may also attach an antenna to it so it gets OTA signals and sends it to your computer. The hardware also comes with proprietary software that you can install on your computer. When you run it, you can turn your computer into a TV – complete with a remote control and HD capabilities.
Pinnacle also has a USB version, which doesn’t have its own remote control, but has an antenna to pick up over the air signals. This is perfect for those who are traveling a lot ad bringing their laptop. If you’re going for the Pinnacle USB, make sure to get the HD version if you want an HD TV experience on your laptop.
Wonder HD 650
The ATI Wonder HD 650 is arguably one of the most popular HD PCTV cards out there. ATI is also known for making graphics cards that rival NVIDIA’s, so you can bet that anything it manufactures and goes into the PCI slot is good. The Wonder HD 650 is more than just your usual PCTV card. It enables you to watch analog and HD TV, and you also get to record a show running in the background while watching another.
It is easy to have digital TV on a computer with the cheap software you can get almost anywhere. If you want that geeky satisfaction, however, why not go for the hardware approach? With more than one PCTV card, you can record multiple shows and burn them to a DVD for later viewing. The TV tuners that come out recently are made for those who aren’t tech-savvy, so give it a whirl and get a sense of satisfaction like no other.